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Extranet ASC-HS



ARCHIBUS Solution Center Hosting Services Intranet for Partners

ARCHIBUS Solution Center - Hosting Services


Extranet for Business Partners only

This website is for ARCHIBUS Hosting Services (AHS) - Business Partners. When you are registered and logs in (Sign-in at the upper right of the screen), if you have enough profile to access, you can access this internal sites:

Home: this site with overview information about AHS. It is free to review for ARCHIBUS BPs.

AHS Business Partner: Intranet for information (docs and memos, news, etc.), collaboration and project tracking (orders, issues, support, etc.)

AHS AppStore Partners: Site to know how to add and track ARCHIBUS Applications, that are offered through the ARCHIBUS Hosting Services AppStore. click here to know more about AHS AppStore.

AHS Authorized Hosting Partners: Collaboration, Information and Project Tracking & Support Site for Hosting Partners.

AHS Team: Intranet for ARCHIBUS Hosting Services and ARCHIBUS Inc. staff only.

Collaboration: A place to share documents and experiences. All ARCHIBUS Partners are invited to participate!

Now we recommend to you to review in this site all the information about ARCHIBUS Hosting Services, (AHS) and how to become AHS Partner. If you need more information please contact us




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All the contents in this site are solely for the use of ARCHIBUS Solution Center Hosting Partners. All the contents, material, documents and information that appear or could be obtained or downloded through this website are Confidential and Property of ARCHIBUS Solution Center - Hosting Services, S.L.

ARCHIBUS now in the Cloud Overview

What you should know as an ARCHIBUS prospect about
ARCHIBUS Hosting Services

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or download this document:

About ASC-HS (address)

Company Address 

- ETL Baltic Business Center -,
Tartu mnt 74
Tallinn 10144

Company fiscal data

VAT Number EE101513247
company Estonian code 12206801 

Bank account

Account:  221053949340
IBAN EE582200221053949340 


Fedex Account ID / number: 353822098


 ASC-HS Links

 BP List
 Authorized Hosting Partner program